Tips On Keeping It Organized

At the beginning of each month, set up 2 envelopes or boxes and label them personal and business. All your purchase receipt and invoices go into the appropriate envelope or box.

At the beginning of the following month, insert your personal and business bank statement into the appropriate envelope or box and then bring the envelopes or boxes to us.

Voila! Your part of the bookkeeping is now done.

Any letter or forms that come in from the government goes into the business box. It is always good to have your accountant or bookkeeper see those.

Remember that we are on your side.

Have your bookkeeping done at least every 3 months including your GST. This helps to keep everything organized and makes taking care of your GST simpler and in smaller amounts. At the end of the year, your tax return is ready to go!!

Don't you just feel the weight lifting off your shoulders already!

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